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I’ve been a Designer and Seamstress for over 30 yrs…I am very creative and artistically inclined.  Being stricken with a horrid  pain disease called Fibromyalgia, it tried to steal a facet of my life but…..

Ms Ceerenee
I Been Trying….Now Ask Me What I Did….?…..Ask Me Later….

….I’ve always loved beautiful things, and creating them, so I joined Second Life.com played around with my avatar shopping, decorating, dressing her, in diamonds designer clothes and so forth.  I opened an ebay store to sell items that I made and designed….Graphics….The one thing I could never get right to my satisfaction, because of me not understanding the fundamentals of the design process with the software.  I tried making clothes for the Second Life avatars for the purpose of opening a store on Second Life, but Graphics…lol…I am now a proud student at the International Academy of Design & Technology, working on my degree in Bachelors of Fine Arts for Graphic Designing….I want to incorporate all of my talents within my graphic designing,…and I will….with Honors!…Yay!

It is now 4 years later,

The previous post was written nearly four years ago.  Through all of my trials and tribulations I am still am a honor student and I officially graduate in June 2016. I have assume the role of Student Advisory Counsel, using my social skills to interact with my peers I have learned many software skills along with the history and different facets of the art of graphic designing.  I will freelance and continue on with my education, choosing a specialty in Digital Media and Education for my Master Degree.


    ~Photoshop                                                                                  msruby

 ~Illustrator                                                                                              cruby



~Power Point   

~Ms Ruby played and important role in some of my school projects~




I now define myself as a Graphic Designer with the ability to design in all aspects in graphics, with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts.  I will Master in Motion Graphics in the near future after my move to a warmer climate.  I will be posting designed works by myself, Cynthia Gladden an Artist of Hearts, which is my signature name.  Changes will happen everyday on this site as I build upon my reputation and capabilities as a designer in software graphics. I am in my final phases of education and software training that should lead me well into the world of Graphics, the Heart of Our Economy as a Nation with advertising, for buying and trading policies that help make this world revolve.  Thank You IADT-Detroit for the private education and intense training in software designing.


I wil be designing in the form of Corporate Identities, Logo’s, Branding, Motion Graphics, Still Graphics, Photo’s, Web Design and App Design. My specialty will eventually be in Motion Graphics and I will enhance my studies at Full Sail University for a Master Degree in my chosen specialty.

~You Can Only Be As Strong As You Want To Be

~The Mind Is A Powerful Tool

~Artist of Hearts


SYNCED Up Graphic Solutions


Active links and motion coming soon!

-Fibromyalgia Awareness

-Breast Cancer Awareness

-Motivational links

-Virtual World   Second Life 



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