A Written Work ( A Lifetime Dedication )

 …A New Beginning


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I’m near the end of my Undergraduate studies.  I will further my education, after I work on a personal life for myself and relocate my me and my baby girl.  This is the Beginning of a new beautiful life…The Rest of My Life…..

~My Gentle Giant

~ If I didn’t share my life and the things I feel within

Would you know that I exist?

~I’m almost done…Closer to My Goal

~A lot of hard work ahead of me.  I really want to leave Detroit so….

World here I come, with All My Might and Power.

~My Inspiration comes from God and a well known Man, whom I Admire, very much  for his Strength and Courage, facing the World “Head On!”  That makes want to be the best Woman that I can be.

~Everybody deserves to have that one person in their life that makes them feel complete and whole.  I believe this because of the Bible….My design of life came from a mans rib, which makes me his.  His companion that was given to him by the Grace of God for his eternal comfort.

~ Working harder than ever…I can’t let the weariness I feel drag me down that path!

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